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Upcoming Wargroove Updates Will Include CPU Players In Multiplayer, Battle Scene Skipping, And More




Chucklefish’s plans for the Wargroove updates have been revealed via the game’s official website. While the most immediate patch will focus on fixing certain problems with the game, short term and long term goals, which will do things like add optional CPU opponents in multiplayer, bring in more tooltips, and introduce DLC, are planned. In addition, the developer asked if players think those going through the campaign on an easier difficulty setting should still be able to earn three stars on maps, something that currently is not possible.


Here is the Wargroove updates plan for the near future, showing what people can expect soon. The “Really Short Term” initial post launch patch is already going through the approval process on platforms.


Really Short Term:

  • Fix bug that caused online multiplayer maps against AI to sometimes go into a broken state.
  • Fix bug that caused spectating online on Fog of War maps to not work correctly.
  • Fix bug that caused issues around resigning on matches.
  • Fix the display of some Japanese and Chinese characters.


Short Term:

  • The ability to skip battle scenes more quickly. With various options on how this will work.
  • The ability to force fast map movement to ‘always on’.
  • Tooltips and more info for the effective/vulnerable charts.
  • In multiplayer, the host will be able to fill open spots with CPU players.
  • Display S rank requirements. (Tip for now, it’s always based on number of turns.)
  • Make it more difficult to accidentally end a turn.
  • Multiplayer Lobby improvements
  • Various bug fixes


The “Long Term” section did not have detailed bullet points. However, Chucklefish noted that Wargroove DLC and a possible large content update are among the things being considered for later updates.


Wargroove is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It is also going to appear on the PlayStation 4. 

Jenni Lada
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