Urakata Hakuouki Is About Revenge And Looking To Change Tomorrow



Idea Factory have updated their website with an introduction to Urakata Hakuouki’s story, where you’ll be playing as a young girl seeking to avenge her brother’s death at the hands of the Shinsengumi. Early story details are vague, but you can read on if interested.


Late Tokugawa period, third year of the Bunkyū. It’s an era full of disturbances, and the world of the Tokugawa shogunate government is reaching its end, while another story begins at the capital of Kyoto.


A suspicious figure with white hair and a light yellow haori sneaks into the dojo of the protagonist’s brother. The identity of this mysterious figure is an evil of the Shinsengumi.



Since then, this young girl has decided to learn the ways of the sword in order to avenge her older brother who sacrificed himself in order to protect her. This resolution would lead to a new age of hardships.


A group of men who live through the age of chaos appear in front of the girl. As she follows and looks at the back of these men who live strongly, what could she be yearning for? This is the story of a young girl who has been entangled in the age of chaos and confusion, along with this group of men who wish to start a new era.



You can read more about Urakata Hakuouki characters such as the charismatic Takasugi Shinsaku or the devoted killer, Okada Izou, in our previous report.


Urakata Hakuouki is slated to be released on May 30th for PSP. Idea Factory will also release a limited edition for 8,190 yen.


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