Urban Strategy-RPG Street Posse Showdown Gets A Demo


Street Posse Showdown is an upcoming isometric strategy-RPG with a modern city theme. You can download a demo of it on


It takes place in Oaksville, a city that is rife with street gangs after a lack of funding meant the police force had to be cut to less than quarter of its previous size. Now the streets are a place where gangs fight for territory and enact crimes.


Fed up of it, you form a group of people intent on driving the gangs out and keeping some order. In the single player campaign, you’ll gather recruits to complete missions, and fight gangs in turn-based tactical battles.


To succeed in battles, it’s best to gather knowledge of your opponents first, and also outfit your character and gang with the most effective techniques (and elemental attributes). If you lose, you won’t die, but you will have to suffer with your injuries.

Chris Priestman