Use Axes & Puppy Pals To Deal With Lvl99 AxeRage’s Monster Menaces


All of the apocalypses are happening at once in sidescrolling action game Lvl99 AxeRage, but the most effective ways of dealing with them are still a trusty axe and a trusty canine pal.

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Players must work through various stages inspired by different types of apocalypse, from alien to zombie to machine disasters. Using their axe, they’ll be able to execute acrobatic combos that will have their lone hero flipping and rushing from enemy to enemy, staying fluid in a fight. Players can also get the help of a mutated dog that will assist in battle, tangling up enemies and dealing extra damage.

Lvl99 AxeRage’s Mega Man X and Metal Slug inspirations have lead to its fighting style, but its Metroid inspirations have lead to more exploration-based stages, with the game offering various routes and buried secrets.  

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Lvl99 AxeRage is currently raising development funds on IndieGoGo, with a demo of its multi-apocalypse world available through

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