Use An Orbital Station’s Defense Systems To Escape It In Hacking Game Retool



The Onix, an alien race that has enslaved humanity, has put them to work on orbital stations, tasking them with repairing the damaged equipment. Maria intends to escape her life of slavery using her intelligence, hacking the station’s systems to turn them on her captors in Retool




Maria can use the various terminals and nodes found throughout the station, activating turrets and other defense systems, as well as doors and other objects that can be used creatively to down her enemies. A door clamping together on a guard’s foot can be just as effective as shooting them, so players are encouraged to be creative with their escape plans.




Players will unlock upgrades as they play that will let them hack more effectively, opening up more options to sneak by or defeat guards. Maria can use these across the game’s twenty different stations until she can finally free herself of the Onix.




Retool will be available on Steam,, Humble Bundle, and IndieGameStand on May 19.

Alistair Wong
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