Use Powerful Party Attacks Using Summon Night 5’s Brave Battle System



Bandai Namco introduces the ‘Brave Battle System’ in the latest update for Summon Night 5 on its official website. This feature has several uses on and off the battlefield, such as party abilities and access to useful items.


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BP (Brave Points) are a numerical value that indicates the party’s morale. There are various way to increase your BP such as meeting Brave Conditions in combat and defeating enemies. These conditions are split into two categories: Common Stage and Individual Stage.


The Common Stage will have conditions such as getting the first hit in the fight or not starting the fight with a fallen ally. Individual Stage conditions are a little more specific with requirements such as having to destroy an X amount of enemies with a summon ability or defeating certain enemies.


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Once you have enough BP, you’ll have access to Party Abilities, with the more powerful abilities requiring more BP to perform. Each member can be set with their own Party Abilities. Some of these Abilities include full party heals, a chance to replace members and an ultimate defense that nullifies all enemy attacks for a turn. Fallen party members will result in a decrease of BP, and if it reaches 0, you will be looking at the Game Over screen, so knowing how to work around it will be an important factor.


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Meeting Brave conditions will also give you Brave Medals, which act as a currency needed to purchase Party Abilities. The shops will also have special items with various effects such as lowering an enemy’s level or BP recovery, which can be exchanged for Brave Medals.


Summon Night 5 is slated to be released on May 16th for PSP.

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