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Use Teamwork To Swing A Dead King Across Mountains In Chariot



How do you fancy dragging a dead king across mountains? It’ll be fun – promise! Well, if you do, Canada-based Frima Studio has released its couch co-op, physics-based platformer Chariot onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’ll be coming to Wii U and PC as well soon.


Chariot really is about moving a dead king around. Your goal is to get his body to its hallowed final resting place. Unfortunately, it proves to be a very tough and dangerous journey.


You can play it alone or with a friend but, either way, will need to employ teamwork when helping the princess and her fiancé to swing, drag, ride, and push the king’s coffin-on-wheels across 25 levels. You’ll be sliding down sand dunes, pushing the casket through the royal catacombs, and hanging perilously from clifftops.


Luckily, you’re not entirely left to your own devices as the dead king’s ghost will pop up every now and then to impart some of his wisdom. Hopefully, he won’t be too terrified by what he sees you doing with his mortal body.


Chariot should be available for $14.99 in on Xbox One in North America and Europe right now. It’s free for Xbox One Gold members for the entirety of October, too. The PlayStation 4 version should also be available in North America, but won’t be coming to Europe until October 22nd.


As to the Wii U and Steam versions, those won’t arrive until later this fall, unfortunately. You can find more information about Chariot on its website.

Chris Priestman