The life of chivalry is fraught with promises of “We shall meet in the next life!” And in Thousand Memories, that’s proven to be the case. This smartphone iOS and Android tic-tac-toe RPG is set some 500 years after the war against the Demon King (It’s always against the Demon King) Bardia. Just as Humanity’s best knights, the “Thousand Memories,” were about to defeat Bardia, they, erm, lost. Completely.



While real life (probably) never lets us ever do this, in this world, the knights have returned, reborn into new bodies some 500 year later with their promise to rise up and once again attempt to defeat evil. And man, did we get reborn into cute bodies. Your main cast of characters will all be super-deformed women, sporting an ultra-cute look that belies their massive damage and knightly appeal.


Battles are turn-based, and when it’s your turn to act players will be able to drag and select a line along a 3 by 3 grid. What you need to do is line them up from two to as many as everyone on the board for them to launch an attack – or special attack – against foes. They’ll then get replenished by the next batch of allies from reserve, cycling continuously till you either defeat foes or get killed yourself.



Thousand Memories will be out this Winter for iOS and Android phones.




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