Use Your Monster Friends To Rid The Curse Of The Crescent Isle



Adam Mowery has put his retro-style action-platformer Curse of the Crescent Isle DX up on Steam Greenlight ahead of its arrival on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


This is actually a remake of Mowery’s 2010 game Curse of the Crescent Isle. It was released on Xbox Live Indie Games.


It has you venturing across Crescent Isle in order to rid it of the curse that has befallen it. Luckily for you (but not for them), your friends have been turned into little monsters that you’re able to use to traverse the island. With their aid, you can drill through blocks, freeze water, and flip gravity at will.


And you’ll need to do all of these as you hop across Crescent Isle and take on the bosses along the way. As well as the Story Mode, the game has a Speedrun Mode and a Boss Rush Mode. It also supports local co-op play.

Chris Priestman