Using Mods To Bring Dragon Ball Super Saiyans Into Scribblenauts


Part of the fun of a game like Scribblenauts Unlimited is the character and item creator. People are constantly able to update and adjust the game to add new people and things for puzzle solving purposes. Naturally, this means lots of iconic characters have shown up since Scribblenauts Unlimited’s 2012 debut on Windows PCs. It’s taken quite some time, but almost every familiar face from Dragon Ball can be found in the game, thanks to the creativity of people playing it. (Seriously, there are so many Gokus.)


superscrib gokus


To get a really good start on recreating Dragon Ball in Scribblenauts Unlimited, head to Metal Gear Spy’s collection. This creator has made 53 characters and items inspired by the series. With this group, you’ll get uniform characters who all look alike. Because while people try to match the general Scribblenauts style with original content, there are varying levels of quality out there. By adding this whole collection, you’re ensuring most of the items in your game look the same.


obj_slot_24_previewHowever, there are a few cases where you’ll want to add in supplemental characters due to the care that people obviously put into them. One such creation is an alternate Master Roshi. This one, made by epichammar94, is more than suitable, as it’s a little more detailed than Metal Gear Spy’s. He even shoots ki blasts and rides a turtle.


obj_slot_14_preview You also might have to resort to other Scribblenauts Unlimited Workshop creations to expand the roster. While Metal Gear Spy has made quite a few characters, it isn’t a complete cast. You’ll have to grab DarkKyurem’s Android Eighteen, so Krillin won’t be lonely. And what’s Dragon Ball without Shenron the dragon? There are multiple versions of him out there. The Shenron by jksfrv isn’t as detailed as some, but works well in-game. Flumpytripod’s Shenron looks great on its Steam Workshop page, but is a bit of a mess in-game. Search through what people have made and see what works for you.


cloud-4.steamusercontent Then, there are the Dragon Ball items. Jaden Intensely Vibrates has made all seven Dragon Balls. (He also has another Shenron available, in case the two above aren’t exactly your style.) You could also take a ride on Goku’s Flying Nimbus, thanks to Robojoker’s creation. Or, if you want something that looks cool and doesn’t really do anything, SonicFan007FTW has made a Scouter so you can fit in with Frieza’s crew.


To install these, or really any Scribblenauts Unlimited mods, head to Steam. Visit the Workshop and click the “Subscribe” button next to the items you like. They’ll be immediately added to your game and ready to use the next time you play.


Scribblenauts Unlimited is immediately available for Windows PCs. It often ends up reduced during Steam sales, so keep an eye open later this month if you’re interested in completing its challenges with the cast of Dragon Ball.

Jenni Lada
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