Using Seduction & Cunning To Outwit Fellow Merchants In Selling Sunlight




RPG Selling Sunlight casts players as a masked travelling merchant, using their disguised face to become whatever kind of saleperson they wish to be. Whether through lies, information gathered through allies, or seduction, the player will work to maximize profits as they travel the game’s fantasy world.




Selling Sunlight is set in land where the sun is trapped in the sky, keeping one side of the world eternally light, and the other eternally dark. The player inhabits a place of constant dawn, travelling through several tidal-locked cities in this area as they bring their goods to the various people there.


Players will make unexpected encounters as they explore the area, finding new chances to make friends and gather information, or create enemies and make life more difficult. They will also have to factor in the season as they choose which goods to bring on their journey, as the time of year will dictate the popularity of some items.




Players can choose how to behave in each encounter they have. Whether in selling goods or just talking with the locals, every meeting is a chance to gather information or make allies, all of which can be useful for later sales. When working with another merchant, that information can help get better deals. Then again, lies or seduction can also work if the player knows just how to manipulate a given merchant.


Selling Sunlight is currently in development with no projected release date.

Alistair Wong
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