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V-Ball Is Getting Replaced By Hoops During ARM’s Global Testpunch Next Week



ARM’s Global Testpunch has already ended for this week, but another is set to start up next week, bringing with it a new mode.


During the previous Global Testpunch, V-Ball was available to play. However, during a Nintendo-promoted ARMS stream, it was confirmed that Hoops would be replacing V-Ball with the next Testpunch. This comes after players noted a reference to Hoops in the eShop listing for the game’s demo.


In addition to that, the stream also confirmed another feature in the game that many players have already figured out. To change your fighter’s color, you must simply push the left stick and tilt it either left, down, up, or right, and then confirm your choice with A. Up gives your character its standard outfit while the other directions are alternates.


Lastly, here’s a look at some screenshots from the ARMS Global Testpunch “Extra Stuff” section, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.


2017052618014400-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50 2017052618014500-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50

2017052618014600-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50 2017052618014700-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50

2017052618014800-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50 2017052618015000-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50

2017052618015100-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50 2017052618015200-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50

2017052618015300-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50 2017052618015400-412E0591DD033E78737A4B6DC2C70E50

ARMS will release for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 16th, 2017.