Valencia Will Take Players To The Deserts Of Black Desert June 1




Part one of Black Desert Onlines Valenica expansion will release on June 1, taking players to an expansive desert region of the game’s world, exposing them to the elements and giving them access to new quests and mounts.




This expansion takes players to the sandy dunes of Black Desert. Out here, players will have to manage their health against the harsh elements, staying hydrated in the heat or warm in the evening’s cold. They will also have to watch out for sandstorms, hiding in a tent to avoid damage. Players may find themselves out there for a while, too, as minimaps will be unavailable out in the desert.




Horses and wagons don’t work very well out in the sands, which is why the developers have added a camel mount. While less useful in the desert, the elephant mount has also been added into the game, which will help more in sieges.




Along with the new area, the expansion adds new weapons, armor, and accessories, and ups the enhancement system cap, allowing players to improve their gear up to +20. There are also more crafting recipes available as well.




On June 15, a two week trail period will also begin for Node and Siege Warfare. This will let players try out the new PvP mechanics for the game, entering grand-scale battles “never before seen in any MMORPG!”

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