Valentine’s Day 2023 Update in JP Fate/Grand Order is 15 GB

fate/grand order valentine's update

Players who have not yet downloaded the Valentine’s Day event update patch for the Japanese version of Fate/Grand Order will need to make sure their phone has enough space. After the download, the app will take up 15 GB in your phone. Once you start the story, the data should download onto your phone.

As a reminder, all of the Valentine’s Day Servant events will be voiced. Some Servants will require you to have finished their corresponding story arcs before you can view their event. For example, you cannot receive Oberon’s gift without completing the British Lostbelt, nor can you fully see Douman’s event unless you have finished Heian-kyo. Servants you give the Blessed Chocolate to will get an attack bonus during the event.

For 2023, the Valentine’s Day Servant is Pope Joan, or Johanna. She appears in the commercial for the Fate/Grand Order Valentine’s Day event. You can view the commercial here, though it does contain some spoilers for the Lostbelt chapters:

As for Pope Johanna’s skills, she is an Arts-based attacker. Her skills focus on increasing her NP gauge, improving her Arts performance, as well as increasing her Critical Stars and Strength on Arts attacks. Her Noble Phantasm attacks all enemies and nullifies their buffs. It also deals more damage to Evil enemies (and Human ones when Overcharged). Johanna will only be in the gacha for a limited time.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices, and the Valentine’s Day 2023 event update featuring Johanna (Johanna and the Unconfirmed Love) will end on March 10, 2023.

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