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Valhalla Knights 3’s Black Magic Emperor And The Lost Treasure



Marvelous AQL recently shared some info on key scenarios involving black magic and legendary treasures of their upcoming PlayStation Vita title, Valhalla Knights 3.


Emperor Garvani


The heartless emperor brutally invaded neighboring countries with the help of his powerful military power. He then built the country known as the Beigen Empire. Garvani has mastered the arts of an ancient black magic and has the ability to control the “Seal of Death”.


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In order to find out about the whereabouts of an inheritance left by the legendary criminal, William Flockheart, he sent the main character as a spy to infiltrate the prison in search of information.


William Flockheart’s Heritage is the treasure he left before leaving the world. In over 1,000 years, nobody has been able to confirm the existence yet, but it is said to grant any wish in return for something precious.


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The Seal of Death is an ability that controls the will of a human being. A person is marked with the seal when one goes against the Emperor’s demands. The spell is said to be from an ancient era and it has many complexities behind it. It is currently unknown as to how Garvani acquired and learned the spell, but it makes you wonder what he had to go through to get it, and what could happen should the main character go against his demands.


Valhalla Knights 3 is slated to be released on May 23 for PlayStation Vita.


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