PlayStation Vita

Valhalla Knights 3 Brings Online Quests, Pervy Shop Names



Valhalla Knights 3 Gold is the updated Japanese version of Valhalla Knights 3, and with it comes an online mode which was previously added in the American release. The online mode will allow you and up to three more players to band together in new co-op quests to take down big bad bosses and follow a slightly different storyline.


This is great news for those who’d previously taken issue with how the AI in the game was rather… bland… and gives rise to new strategies and ways to approach boss fights.



Obviously, taking these monsters and other foes down drops rare items. And yes, it looks like everyone is beginning to realize just how important it is to have what Monster Hunter’s had for a while now with online multiplayer within this sort of action-RPG genre.



There’s also word that the Prison City you (and your other friends playing the game) have been stuck in will get two new err… establishments. Since the updated story bits of the game introduces the concept of portals opening up to both Heaven and Hell (In a prison? This can’t be good) there are now two new shops. The first is a healing area called—and I wish I was making this up—Erotica Heaven.


There’s also a “punishment room” called Hell’s High. They’re manned by a captured angel Cecilia and demonic looking Deedlit.


Valhalla Knights 3 Gold will be out for the PlayStation Vita February 27th 2014 in Japan.