PlayStation Vita

Valhalla Knights 3 Gold Brings Heaven And Hell To “Sexy Time” Feature


Marvelous AQL’s Valhalla Knights 3 took the concept of getting yourself locked away in a prison city/complex and ran pretty far with it, including seedy elements which earned it either ire or praise. One of those was Sexy Time, a mini-game where you slowly removed the clothes of the shop clerks as you got to, uh, “know” them better.


In Gold, both Heaven and Hell have shown up and even set up shop in the prison city you’re locked in to, so of course we’re also getting an angel and demon as new people to have some Sexy Time with.

Diva has taken a liking to how your life energy smells, and as a fallen angel she thrives on the energies that you apparently give out, being all-powerful. While she’s previously had many lovers, she’s also been jilted plenty of times.


Rana is a demon who’s from a pedigree apparently great enough that they demand “respect” as Queens. This being Valhalla Knights means they’re bondage queens. And you’re her (un)fortunate latest target…


Also on offer are more shots of also-fallen angel Cecelia running Erotica Heaven and what the “Sacred Ritual” healing she offers is like…





…and demon Deedlit in her BDSM dungeon Hell’s High with her “Punishment of Hell” sequence.


Valhalla Knights 3 Gold launches on the PlayStation Vita February 27th.