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Valhalla Knights 3 Offers Advanced Job Classes Such As Ninja And Amazoness


Valhalla Knights 3 will have you dealing with a black magic using emperor who is after a lost treasure in the giant prison castle, some of the shadiest towns seen in fantasy RPGs, where you’ll sometimes be forced to pick from only bad choices.  Now, Marvelous AQL have introduced some advanced job classes that should help you face these obstacles.


There will be a total of 20 different jobs in Valhalla Knights 3. Each one will specialize in something different and will have their unique abilities and features.


Here’s a look at how you’ll be unlocking these job classes:


First, you’ll need to acquire a “Job Ticket” either by completing certain quests or defeating enemies.


Then, you’ll have to use it to activate.


The next step is to visit the lovely lady at the guild, who’ll help you switch jobs.


You will then have access to new skills to go with the acquired job.


Here are some of the jobs you’ll be unlocking by using Job Tickets.



There are many soldiers who enjoy their lucrative profession for the money, but those who work as a Soldier at the prison castle aren’t paid nearly as much, and only a few are willing to work in such circumstances. Soldiers have plenty of experience in battle and excel at close-ranged combat.



The Samurai have strong faith in themselves and find joy in standing their ground on the battlefield. When it comes to 1-on-1 combat, they say that Samurai can use their katana and display the strength of a fearful god. It’s a popular job that is admired by the prisoners.



The Ninja were once assassins from a faraway country in the East. They use their blades to often swiftly kill in a single strike or cause abnormal status effects. There are rumors within the prison about an assassination organization full of Ninjas, but it has yet to be verified.



This job that revolves around curses can only be obtained by males. It consists of using holy magic to help people and also dark magic that can be used to kill others. The use of this power varies according to the person. It is said that there are some Shaman that has the powers to bring back the dead.



The Merchant survives in the prison using the power of words instead of actual power. Having a single Merchant in the clan will help prevent any unnecessary spending. As long as a Merchant is in good hands, income and business with prisoners will never be an issue.



The Amazoness is a female only job that is historically known for their prowess in combat. They possess enough power to overwhelm just about any man, and are also known as the “Goddess of War”. Due to their built bodies (and intimidation), they are not the most popular with the opposite sex. However, they seem to be quite popular among other ladies.


Here’s a look at some abilities:


Amazoness’ Poison Attack skill.

Shaman’s Soul Rain skill.

Ninja’s God Wind (Kamikaze) jutsu.

Valhalla Knights 3 comes out on May 23 in Japan and is slated for release this fall in North America for PlayStation Vita.

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