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Valhalla Knights 3’s Dark Story Sometimes Only Gives Players Bad Choices To Pick From



Valhalla Knights 3 features shady towns with hostesses on every corner, not to mention female characters running around in bikini armor. All these temptations and more might lead you into making some “bad” choices. Marvelous AQL producer Yoshifumi hashimoto and writer Harutoshi Fukui talk about the decision making factor in Valhalla Knights 3.



Valhalla Knights 3’s theme will have a lot of “evil” going on. It will leave people wondering if they or others  are doing right or wrong. Hashimoto asked Fukui about his thoughts on what makes a story. According to Fukui, he believes that it’s not one’s view of the world or theme that mainly interests players in a story, but it’s more about wondering who will be doing what.


These situations are often only limited to several patterns. That’s where Valhalla Knights 3 split those paths according to certain motives, leaving the player asking themselves “What’s the best thing to do right now?”, which will create a drama of the player’s own suspense to the storyline, based on their own decisions.


Valhalla Knights 3 will be an action game with the flow of an RPG and it will be heavy on story elements. “Evil” will play a theme where players will have to face decisions that can change the outcome of what happens next. Hashimoto says, “There might be occasions where the player is thrown in a situation where they only have bad choices to pick from. It will be up to the players to either give into the darkness or avoid what seems to be the worst choice, as they advance through the game.”



Hashimoto believes that having such choices will create an internal conflict on what kind of character the player wants  to be. He reiterates, “Taking the first step in the story is easy, but there will also be steps that will put you in such conflicts, where I believe some people will even create multiple save datas depending on what kind of choices they’d like to make.”


When most players start the game, they will likely have an idea on what type of decisions they’ll be making for the entire game. However, Hashimoto believes that the nature of the game might actually get someone who starts with good intent, might change their minds halfway through and start picking the more ‘evil’ decisions.



As a bonus, Marvelous AQL have included a trailer at the 9:33 mark of the video. The message behind the trailer is “Will you sink into evil or will you manage to carry through with your own faith? The strength of your heart will be tested.”


Valhalla Knights 3 comes out on May 23 in Japan and is slated for release this fall in North America for PlayStation Vita.

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