Valiant Force, A New Strategy-RPG For Mobile From Singapore


Singapore-based developer XII Braves is bringing its strategy-RPG Valiant Force to iOS and Android in southeast Asia early this year (thanks MMOCulture). You can pre-register now and get bonus in-game items when it launches.


Valiant Force takes place in a land that has seen decades of unconditional peace after many years of fighting and war. The game starts in this land as omens begin to warn of the return of Faenon.

Faenon was slain by her twin brother Bathor years before. Together, they had hoped to put an end to all wars after it had led to the murder of their family. But the twins turned on each other, and just as Faenon turned tens of thousands of soldiers into specters, her brother stuck a sword through her. It was at this point that Faenon vowed to return and complete what she began. The devastation she had brought is what led to the many years of peace.


In Valiant Force, you’ll be able to customize your hero with over 500 accessories, form a party from six distinct classes, and send your heroes out on missions to gather resources while you’re not actively playing.

In the weeks leading up to the game’s launch, XII Braves has been releasing videos that outline Valiant Force’s six different classes. You can watch them on the studio’s YouTube channel as well as embedded here.

Chris Priestman