Valiant Knights Typing Battle Teaches Typing With Turn-Based JRPG Action



Evil has returned to the world of Valiant Knights Typing Battle, and the player can only get rid of it by defeating monsters in turn-based JRPG combat using their typing skills.




Players are given an array of words for each of their playable characters, and can spell them out accurately and quickly to launch an attack at whichever beast they are fighting. However, each party member is also tied to a specific element, and each enemy has elemental strengths and weaknesses. This forces players to decide who to fight with in a hurry as well as type properly.


As players battle, they will build up a special meter that will let them launch more powerful attacks. They may wish to save this devastating power for the game’s stronger boss characters, which will show up after the player has taken down three enemies.




Valiant Knights Typing Battle is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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