In Valk Unit Zero, The Destruction Of The World Replays Until You Solve It


Now on Kickstarter, Valk Unit Zero is a 2D action-adventure in which you’ll experience the death of a world over and over until you eventually figure out how to save it.


You’ll play as one of the titular Valk Units, which has the ability to retain experiences even when a new recursion (i.e. time repeating itself) occurs.


With this ability, you’ll have to play through the story (which should take about two hours), getting to know the game’s world inside-out. This involves talking to NPCs, exploring environments, and triggering events.


But you won’t get to experience everything that first time, or even the second, or third. You’ll have to try out new approaches and make use of what you learned last time you played through the repeating timeline to get towards the true end and save the world.


The team creating Valk Unit Zero are looking for $24,000 on Kickstarter with $15,000 going towards the game’s development. The rest goes on taxes, fees, and shipping costs.

Chris Priestman