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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Details Emperor Claudius And More Changes From Fan Feedback



We previously got some information about Valkyria: Azure Revolution getting some changes from fan feedback. The official website gives us a full list of its new changes in addition to new character details.


Claudius Powlovich Kiev



Claudius Powlovich Kiev is the Emperor of the Rus Empire, one of the five major empires of Europa. He’s the hero that used his ambitions from having been born during chaotic times to make the small nation in Rus Kingdom into a grand empire during his lifetime.


With the Valkyria feared as the “God of Death,” Emperor Claudius was able to invade other nations using his military power in order to rapidly expand and forcibly bring them under his control. Claudius, who is a gifted tactician and knows his way around politics, continues conquering nations by force.


The below is a look at a list of changes that will be made after going over player feedback from the Battle Demo Ver. 1.0:


Battle – General

  • Encounters have been removed.
  • Action Gauge’s implementation: The gauge fills up over time and allows you to perform actions. This goes for both enemies and allies.
  • Gun positions have been adjusted: Damage increases and such.
  • Skills (magic and weapons) have been changed so that time stops when making command selections.
  • “Emotes” have been changed to be more clear and effective: Includes motion conditions.
  • Stages for the changes in “Emotes” have been set.
  • Level up system enhanced: happiness level, growth rate up.
  • The difference in effective attacks towards enemies has been enhanced.
  • Camera controls have been improved.
  • Results content and evaluation criteria and such have been overall fixed.
  • What was previously a rushed game temp has now been adjusted to one that will “give you time to think.”
  • Other adjustments to give it a more enjoyable RPG feeling to it.


Battle – Action

  • Character mobility and movement speed increased.
  • Input response improved.
  • Dash implemented.
  • Guard implemented.
  • Changes to standard attacks.
  • Triangle button for special attacks has been removed.
  • Attack range clarification
  • Enemy search (finding and being found) has added clarification.
  • The effect target (aim) of skills (magic, weapons, and such) and effect range has added clarification.


Battle – AI and Allied Connection

  • The party now allows you to have four characters, previously three.
  • Direct instructions and simple instructions can be performed for allies.
  • Customized guidance actions.
  • Action appeal implemented.
  • Friendly and enemy AI improved.


Battle – Map & Events

  • Landmines and other map gimmicks (traps) added.
  • Map actions have been enhanced.
  • Battlefield senses have been enhanced: Map effects, NPCs, and such.
  • Item Boxes implemented.
  • Supply Points implemented.


Graphics and Sound

  • Visual engine “Gouache” has been brushed up.
  • Sound engine has been brushed up.
  • Effects have been brushed up.
  • Character models have been brushed up.


Option & Interface

  • Option improvements.
  • Key assignments have been overhauled.
  • Battle UI has been revised.
  • Mini-map has been improved.
  • Strategy maps are now displayed.



  • Story events have been implemented.
  • Over 10 playable characters have been implemented.
  • Difficulty settings have been implemented.
  • Combatants, weapons, and Magic Arts have been enhanced.
  • Weapons and Magic Arts now have custom elements.
  • Indoor fights implemented.
  • Change of the time of day has been implemented.
  • BGM switching has been clarified.
  • A dandy male character has been implemented.
  • Ophelia’s leggings have been omitted.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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