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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Details On The New Villain And Battle System



Sega recently shared a peek at a villain from Valkyria: Azure Revolution named Maxim, and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine also has some additional details on the battle system and more. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Maxim: A young officer who was born on the lands of the Empire, but was discovered by the Claudius Empire and has become an officer. After being part of a human experiment that involves having “Ragnite” in his body, he has become a soldier with exceptional hexing powers called 咒術 (Jujutsu).


Here are details on the LeGION System that you’ll get to check out in the demo:


1: Mission Start

The two available missions are “Morda Practice Battle” and “Morda Conquest Battle” in the demo.


2: Battlefield Movement & Long-Distance Attacks

Players control the characters directly. Long-ranged attacks are done by shooting or using a sub-weapon on enemy symbols. While moving, it’s possible to hide behind sandbags and shadows by pressing the Circle button. R1 is used to shoot while L1+Square is used to attack from long-range with a sub-weapon. If the attack hits, you’ll enter proximity battle with an advantage.


3: Enter Proximity Battle

For proximity battles, you’ll use four buttons to attack enemies using arms and hex (Jujutsu) attacks. During battles, certain situations change the feelings of allies and enemies, and they play a big role in how the battles play out. For example, long-ranged attacks can surprise enemies, which affects the way they react, giving you an advantage in the fight.


When a party member’s HP hits zero in combat, they enter a dying condition, where a countdown to death begins. If you can manage to rescue the party member before it hits zero, they’ll be saved, but if they do die then they can’t be revives.


There’s a system that seamlessly switches the field and battle BGM. As for the demo, it seems likely that it will be available as a download on the day of Valkyria Chronicles Remaster’s release in Japan of February 10, 2016.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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