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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets An Extended Trailer, Details And Concept Behind Its Music



Sega updated the official website of Valkyria: Azure Revolution with a look at an extended trailer for the game, along with a couple of videos showing the making of the main theme and a song called “Eternal Rest.”


The above is a look an extended version of the trailer for Valkyria: Azure Revolution.



The next one features the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and the making of the main theme, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, who announces that they just finished recording the main theme. The session used for the recording was a pretty big one, that, according to Mitsuda, isn’t used too often for Japanese video game soundtracks, and he says that it’ll be an intense one.


He feels that the music of the game will do a great job in expressing the worldview of Valkyria. He went with more of a classical sound for the music concept. The battle and field music will seamlessly switch, something new that he’s testing out and hopes to see it link the player’s emotions together with the music.


Mitsuda says there’s still plenty more music to record, and he’ll do his best to work on making some great music for the game, and hopes that you all look forward to it.


Followed by a video that shows the making of “Eternal Rest,” sung by Sarah Àlainn. According to Mitsuda and Àlainn, the theme is the “song of death,” which has a positive message behind it, but with the hidden message of death as well. The song is done with a mixture of English and Latin.


She also describes the song as something beautiful, but dreadful at the same time. Mitsuda adds that if you listen to it really carefully, it’s actually quite scary, especially once you start understanding the meaning behind it.


Since the song is kind of like a hymn, and Àlainn explains that she wanted to express it with a mystic yet dark feeling to the singing. Mitsuda points out that it’s interesting how you hear the vocals coming from different directions with the many layers of the music.


Àlainn then adds that the song is a crucial one that will bring fear to the player at the moment when they hear it, so as the singer, it almost felt as if she were like a death god.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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