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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Shows Off More Of It’s Enemy Characters And The Brave System


vc4 empire 2

Thanks to the official site for Valkyria Chronicles 4, we now have new screenshots and artwork to go with the previous report of enemy characters, and the new ‘Brave’ system which activates when characters lose all their health.


Crimaria Revane (CV: Yukana)

vc4 empire 1

vc4 empire 2


A Valkyria clad in black and known as the “Snowstorm Witch.” She’s a special duty captain of X-O, or Xechs-Oule,” an experimental unit of the Empire’s institution of science.


Due to being forced to live as an experiment at the Valkyria experimental facility, she has a strong inferiority complex. She is also bad an maintaining social relationships, and thanks to being shut away for so long is quite like a child mentally, despite her looks.


She has a wolf companion named Fenrir, who she has known since her experimental facility days.


Klaus Voltz (CV: Hiroki Tochi): vc4 empire 3

vc4 empire 4


Captain of the Imperial military’s independent gang known as Ausbruch. He’s a veteran commander known for going into battle with strong conviction to “protect the people of the Empire.” He fights using his own personal tank.


Although he doesn’t care about the small details if something is interesting enough, when he is intrigued by something he will do anything to follow it through. This attitude has led to several failures but also massive successes, and is part of his charisma.


His mother died when he was a child, and as such he was raised under the care of the townsfolk. This is why he strongly believes in protecting the citizens of the Imperial Alliance.


After meeting Claude and Squad E on the battlefield, he and his crew chase after them, calling Squad E ‘Lady Fate’.


Forse (CV: Kaito Ishikawa):

vc4 empire 5

vc4 empire 6


The imperial military special unit Xechs-Oule’s tactical commander. He doesn’t participate in battles due to a disability in the legs, but he’s a man of great confidence with a cool head. On the other hand, when a situation rises above his expectations, blood rushes to his head and he loses sight of everything else. He constantly believes he is correct, and has the will and drive to keep pushing forward.


He was recruited by Velgar for his intelligence and because he holds similar values to Velgar.


Velgar (CV: Sho Hayami):

vc4 empire 7

vc4 empire 8


Supervisor of Xechs-Oule. He comes from a noble family and is an executive of the Empire’s institute of science. His authority is close to that of a general’s, and Xechs-Oule is a chess piece of his. He gained his fame thanks to his family name, his iron will and political prowess.


As a former noble of a country that was assimilated into the Imperial Alliance, he holds no love for the Alliance. However, he receives money from the Alliance to continue doing the research that he has been interested in since his younger days.


Nicola Gref (CV: Naomi Ohzora):

vc4 empire 9

vc4 empire 10


Special member of Xechs-Oule. She’s a bodyguard-like figure of Velgar, and assassinates his enemies. Velgar took both Nicola and Kiara in at the same time, and they were raised as sisters.


Thanks to many ‘alterations’, she has a strengthened body, but is half-insane as a result, lacking human-like common sense. She is sadistic, but unlike Kiara, she’s more of an insidious type.


Kiara Rosino (CV: Yukiyo Fujii):

vc4 empire 11 vc4 empire 12


Special member of Xechs-Oule. She and Nicola were raised like sisters at the Empire’s research facility. She follows Velgar’s every wish and command without hesitation, because he is her ‘father’. Of course, if she doesn’t obey, harsh ‘alterations’ would await her. She wants to be recognized and does not want to be cast aside by Velgar, so she sometimes acts without thinking.


She is a sadist like Nicola, but expresses this physically.



brave 1


The new “Brave” system is something like a last stand that activates when one of your units loses all their health and comes close to death. When activated, you have the option to recover 1 CP and increase stats of nearby allies with “Entrust,” or restore 1 AP with the ability to attack and move while invulnerable for one action with “Stand Up”. The stats raised using “Entrust” differs based on the class of the unit.


Finally, two new screenshots of the Grenadier class in action were revealed:


grenadier 1

grenadier 2


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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