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Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Development Is 90% Complete, Plus Other Famitsu Info


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Famitsu had some new information and screenshots to share about Valkyria Chronicles 4, most notably the fact that development on the game is now 90% complete. They also shared information about the systems and characters of the game.


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The series’ trademark strategic Command Mode and Action Mode swapping was shown off, as well as the look of the tank and infantry in the game. The tank is named the Hafen, and is a mid-sized tank made by the United States of Vienland. It excels in firepower and mobility, but lacks the defense of Federation tanks. It is named after Claude’s hometown.


Meanwhile, infantry are split into six classes: Scouts, Shocktroopers, Lancers, Engineers, Snipers and Grenadiers. Lancers in particular were highlighted for the fact that while they are good against fighting tanks, they are weak to other infantry types.


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Grenadiers are a new class of troops who utilize grenade launchers, which really act more like mortars. Grenadiers shoot from afar in a high arc that allows they attacks to bypass most cover, which is why it is best to scout ahead for enemies first. They are very strong against both tanks and infantry but cannot attack enemies that are at a close range.


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Famitsu also shared new artwork and screenshots of the characters, as well as additional information about several of the main characters. Claude, the main character of the story, pilots the Hafen and commands the troops using his weath of military knowledge and his intuition regarding the weather and environment. While Riley is childhood friends with Claude, they are estranged due to certain past events. Meanwhile, Kai Shuren, the sniper, is very curt and boyish in tone, but is said to be quite kind as well.


Finally, there were a few screenshots of in-game cutscenes, showing off the cold weather that Claude will have to weather in his battles.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2018.

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