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Valkyria Chronicles Remaster Gets New Screenshots, Scenarios, “Hard EX” Mode



    Sega recently revealed Valkyria Chronicles Remaster, which is getting a demo forthe new title in series, Valkyria: Azure Revolution when it releases. The game’s official website provides us with a look at some new screenshots.



    pic01_01_b pic01_02_b

    pic01_04_b pic01_03_b

    pic01_05_b pic01_06_b

    In addition to new HD looks and trophy support, Valkyria Chronicles Remaster adds three additional episodes and a new “Hard EX” mode.


    pic02_01_b pic02_02_b

     004 pic02_04_b pic02_05_b pic02_06_b

    Screenshots showing some of the game’s memorable moments of friendship, love, and more.


    003  pic03_02_b

    pic03_03_b pic03_04_b

    pic03_05_b pic03_06_b

    A look at the “CANVAS” engine showing the game’s characters and scenery depicted in painting-like fashion.


    pic04_01_b pic04_02_b

    pic04_03_b pic04_04_b

    pic04_05_b pic04_06_b


    Followed by a look at some battle action shots.


    Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will release in Japan on February 10, 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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