Vane Is A New Adventure Game From Devs That Worked On The Last Guardian And Killzone



New Tokyo-based indie studio Friend & Foe has released four new panoramic screenshots from its upcoming PC adventure game Vane.


Friend & Foe consists of a handful of people who worked on The Last Guardian, Battlefield 3, and Killzone, among others. The studio is currently working on two projects: Vane, and Dangerous Men (action arcade game in the style of an ‘80s buddy cop movie).


Vane is the one getting the majority of the attention at the moment, and deservedly so. It’s a single player, open world adventure game with a focus on mystery, exploration and some puzzle solving. You’ll play as a child with an “odd ability” who is stuck in a strange and dangerous land.


The new screenshots that have been released, and that you can see below, show off the game’s expansive desert and the strange landmarks built by the civilization that inhabit this land. You can see old temples, mystical conductors, and crows flying over dramatic chasms. Previously released screenshots revealed that this desert is prone to thunderstorms, too.


Vane has only been announced for PC as of now, but Friend & Foe says that more platforms are yet to be revealed. You can find more information and plenty more media related to Vane over on its website.


Chris Priestman