Vanillaware Shares Its 2020 New Year’s Illustration by George Kamitani and It’s Another Beauty

Vanillaware 2020 Illustration by George Kamitani

Vanillaware president George Kamitani shared his new year’s greeting for 2020, and it’s another beauty.

Here’s the tweet with Vanillaware’s 2020 illustration:

George Kamitani: “Happy new year. Please continue supporting us in the year Reiwa 2!”

Last year, we got an illustration featuring the adventurers and the water spirit Undine. In 2018, it was the “Margaret of Antioch” and in 2017, we had “The Hidden Cave.” If you go further back to 2013, Kamitani used the opportunity to tease an image of what would end up becoming 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

You can check more from Kamitani, who talked about food, fan service, and Princess Crown, here. You can also read what his buddy Yoko Taro had to say about him in an earlier interview here.

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