Varied Weapons Make Life Easier For Catsby’s Game Boy Adventure



After being turned into a cat, the main character of action/exploration game Catsby will have to find the right weapons and tools to turn himself back and save his master.


Catsby offers players a large world to explore, giving them one hundred and twenty nine different maps to explore across three areas – a desert, a castle, and a haunted house. As players meander these places, they will come across paths they can’t take and enemies they can’t kill. These things can only be bypassed by finding the right weapons, which can be gained by beating bosses hidden all through the world.


Boss weapons will give the player the ability to use crushing hammers, bombs, swords, fireballs, and more, with each one offering hidden abilities to open up new paths throughout the game. Whether by lighting candles or through breaking barriers, each power creates different shortcuts and will lead to all-new areas. They will also offer new combat options against the enemies, letting players attack at varied ranges.


Catsby’s sidescrolling action and array of special weapons are available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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