Varnir of the Dragon Star Gameplay Video Shows The Gruesome “Birth” Of A Dragon

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Compile Heart shared a new gameplay video for its upcoming dragon-eating RPG Varnir of the Dragon Star with a look at an early event and a gruesome scene showing the “birth” of a dragon.


The video starts out with the beginning of the story, where a knight named Zephy goes on a mission to hunt a witch in a forest, but ends up getting attacked by a giant dragon, only to be saved by two witches. He was originally after a witch living in the remote forest, who was prosecuted as being the cursed witch to have summoned the dragons.


The next scene is shown at the 2:55 mark of the video, but before that, here’s a little explanation on how things work with witches and dragons. Basically a “witch” is a term given to women who were born with a dragon seed in their womb, thus possessing the power of a dragon. Witches are constantly  affected by the powerful dragon magic and gradually fall to insanity. The only way they can control the power is by “eating” a dragon by ingesting their blood.


However, those who ingest too much dragon blood will end up nurturing the dragon seed and gives it birth that kills the witch. This particular scene shows a witch and younger sister who went missing and was found in a cave. She consumed too much dragon blood and is shown suffering by it. Before she could cry for help from her older sister, a dragon is born by eating its way out from within, and now they have to fight.


Varnir of the Dragon Star releases in Japan on October 11, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can read more about its story in our previous report. You can also check here for details on its battle system and dragon-eating, and here for a look at some collaboration dragons from Falcom.

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