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Varnir of the Dragon Star Introduces How Madness Will Affect The Story


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Compile Heart has updated the official website for Varnir of the Dragon Star with new NPC character profiles, as well as field actions and an introduction to the ‘Madness’ gauge that must be balanced carefully.


Shardo (CV: Yuuki Tai)

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The Cardinal of the Imperial Order, who is close to the Emperor. He’s a cold person who performs his duties in a practical fashion.


Jaiga (CV: Kanehira Yamamoto)

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A dragon hunter who is part of Evil Raven, and excessively tries to garner the good graces of his teammates Durandol and Rubyeye. He’s a sly person who will do anything to live on, even if it means selling out his allies.


Nyarumo (CV: Kanako Itou)

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Some sort of cross between a black cat and a bat, who works as the item store manager. It’s Zubaaha’s pet, and can be a bit rude.


Gran (CV: Yoshiyuki Itou)

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A friend of Zephy’s, who is also a Requiem Knight. He’s got a strong sense of justice, and won’t stop at anything to help troubled people. He’s got complicated feelings over Zephy becoming a witch, and thus, becoming a target for termination.



Field Exploration

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In dungeons, there are treasure chests and gathering points scattered about where you can gather items, as well as gimmicks that block you from proceeding. Enemies are also walking around, ready to battle you.


By swinging your weapon around, you can break objects, perform Symbol Attacks, as well as fly around for a limited time for quicker travel.


Specialty Magic

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You can change out the character you control on the field at any time, and perform the character-specific Specialty Magic of that character towards certain obstacles. Here are each character’s Specialty below:

Zephy: Destroy Barrier – destroy magic barriers that block your path.

Minessa: Witch’s Loophole – exit a dungeon and return to the Witch’s Roost.

Karikaro: Wild Instinct – for a certain amount of time, you can discover hidden chests.

Laponetto: Bridge of Light – creates magical floor tiles over areas that normally can’t be crossed over.

Charlotta: Seal Extinguish – Removes crystals that have been sealed in vines, and obtain its contents.



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While in the Witches’ rooms, you can give them presents from items that are gathered from the field, or bought from the item shop.


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Each Witch has presents they like and dislike, and if you give them ones that they like, your relationship with them will grow stronger. When it reaches a certain level, special events will occur.



varnir madness 1

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The party’s Scale of Madness is always shown in the top-right part of the camp menu screen. This shows the party members’ Madness. Depending on your actions and choices in-game, it will begin to fill up.


varnir madness 3

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When you fill up the Scale of Madness to certain points, “Madness Events” will occur between chapters, and filling it completely full locks you into the despair-inducing Madness Route in the story.


Varnir of the Dragon Star releases in Japan on October 11, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The limited edition version will be available for 9,936 yen.

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