Varnir of the Dragon Star Introduces Potion Synthesis And The Quest Shrine

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Varnir of the Dragon Star’s official website has been updated today with new information on several game systems, including the Witch’s Workshop and the Quest Shrine.


The Witch’s Workshop lets you create potions that can be used for boss battles for powerful items. Meanwhile the Quest Shrine lets you take on requests from other people for rewards of varying rarities. Check out the information below:


The Witch’s Workshop

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In the Witch’s Workshop, you can cook various dragon body parts, like their claws, scales, bones, eyeballs, and liver, in order to create a potion that can summon a special dragon. By defeating the summoned dragon, you can guarantee a rare equipment drop that you won’t be able to get normally.

To create a potion, there needs to be a catalyst. Depending on the catalyst used, the dropped equipment will change type and rarity, or even increase the chances of accidents happening.


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Created potions can be used in the Workshop any time once they are made. You can choose the character that will drink the potion to summon the dragon with their magic power.


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If the potion was meant to summon a dragon that would give you weapons, the weapon dropped will be equippable by the character who drank the potion. Even if you lose, you won’t lose the potion, so feel free to challenge the dragons summoned as much as you like.


Quest Shrine

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In the Quest Shrine, you can take various quests from Zubaaha. By completing the quests, you can get many rewards, including Formation Books that let you change formation during battle. Complete more quests to get more Formation Books, and use the formations wisely in battle.


Varnir of the Dragon Star releases in Japan on October 11, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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