Versus: Battle Of The Gladiator – Fight For Blood In Brutal PvP



Players can choose their fighting style, arm their gladiator, and then set out to fight against the computer or other players in bloody, brutal combat across the various modes of Versus: Battle of the Gladiator.




Versus: Battle of the Gladiator engages players in third person, non-targeted combat against multiple opponents, either real world players or AIs. They can arm themselves with hundreds of different pieces of armor or weapons, all of which can be obtained, crafted, or modified over the course of the game. That armor can be damaged during a fight, though, resulting in some immediate unpleasant effects.




Players have over seven combat styles available to them, each of which can be modified with skills. The styles all have strengths and weaknesses against other styles, as well. The styles include dual wielding for long combos, shield types for defense, the long-range strikes of greatsword style, and more.




The various styles can encourage players to work together in the game’s team battle PvP mode, or make temporary alliances in the free-for-all battle modes. Players who aren’t looking to challenge live opponents can tackle bosses in Assault Mode, or reams of enemies in the Horde Mode.




According to its Greenlight campaign, Versus: Battle of the Gladiator is aiming for an Early Access release in Summer 2016.

Alistair Wong
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