Videonasty Has Players Catching A Serial Killer In An Ever-Changing Town




A serial killer is on the loose and the player must catch it, but that doesn’t stop the townsfolk of Videonasty from going on with their lives.




Videonasty has players controlling two police officers, Tom Atkins and Ellen Sandweiss, guiding their investigation as they try to catch a killer in the town of Gornich. The killer has patterned his murders off of a series of horror films known as ‘Video Nasty’, and it will require the skills of both officers to stop him.




Having two officers to control will come in handy, as the town of Gornich moves in real time. People will carry on with their days, going to different places as they carry on with their routines. Crimes may be in progress throughout the city. Things may happen just out of sight if the player isn’t in the right place at the right time, making the investigation more challenging.




Players will be able to interrogate suspects, hold stakeouts, collect evidence, deceive people, and carry out raids in their efforts to stop the serial killer.


Videonasty is currently very early in development, and has no release window at this time.

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