Viking Mythology Infuses The World Of Dragon Of Legends


MMO-like action RPG Dragon of Legends is steeped in Viking mythology, drawing from Norse & Celtic literature to give players a unique world to fight in.


Players are working to stop Ragnarok in Dragon of Legends, and will do so in a way of their own choosing. They do so by creating their own character, drawing from several appearances and builds to customize what moves and powers they have access to. Doing so will give players a suite of powers to choose from in a fight, which players will need to select quickly as they move around, as combat does not stop or slow down for them.

While working to prevent the end of the world, players will work through various locations from Norse myth, including Asgard and Hel, and all while facing monsters and meeting characters from Celtic and Norse literature and folklore.


Should players wish to get even more creative with the game’s world or change up some of its elements of mythology, Dragon of Legends is designed with modding in mind. It offers players several tools to create new weapons, armor, quests, and maps, letting them make changes to how the game works.

Dragon of Legends is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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