aqi.jpgWhen Virgin Play announced they were working on Away: Shuffle Dungeon the European publisher suddenly got my attention. I didn’t know what other games they were working on so I asked Diana Radetski Sánchez, the PR Manager at Virgin Play, what their plans are. This is what she told me.


“We are currently working on several titles for launch in Europe. With AQ Interactive we’re also working on Lost Regnum, which will be published in Europe with the name: Warriors of the lost Empire. We will also be launching our own IP’s:  Mind Your Language, a new language game that will be available for learning: Spanish, English, French, German and yes, Japanese!


We also have B-Team in the works, more information will be available shortly, but to give you a preview, think the A-Team mixed with Hogan’s Heroes. We have games for younger audiences, Pocoyo and Lola & Virginia will also making their first appearance on consoles this year, and of course we have the much anticipated Realmadrid Real Life which creates a totally new genre as well, projected for the end of 2008 just to name a few. We are on a constant lookout for new concepts or games that will be attractive to the end user and to add to our ever-growing catalogue.”


In case you aren’t familiar with the animated shows the pictures are screen captures from Lola & Virginia. While this particular game may not be of great interest to the Siliconera crowd thought of Mind Your Language: Japanese Training probably is. The other promising development is seeing another relationship between AQ Interactive and an international publisher. Could Virgin Play be brave enough to take a risk with the vertical PSP game, Anata wo Yurusanai (I Won’t Forgive You)?


Images courtesy of AQ Interactive.

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