Virgo Vs The Zodiac Trailer Shows Its Turn-Based Combat In Butter-Smooth Motion



A new trailer has released for RPG Virgo Vs The Zodiac, giving players an introduction to its turn-based combat, a look at its smooth attack animations, and a glimpse into the various living zodiac signs players will fight and meet in this world.



The trailer begins with some quick shots of the fights between enemies, giving players an idea on what sort of goofy creatures they’ll be fighting. Virgo’s desire to eradicate heretics seems to involve her giving a hard time to animal businessmen, living legs, and even more strange creatures, with a variety of selectable attacks and spells. As she uses her abilities, players will get to see some sharp pixel work in action as Virgo flows though each attack.


Players also get introduced to a few more zodiac signs, meeting Pisces and Capricorn, as well as some cute animal allies and people she’ll meet on her cute crusade. The trailer also shows some of the stats that players will be working with, and includes a specific Cute stat, although doesn’t go into what that entails or does for combat.




Players curious to learn more about Virgo Vs The Zodiac can follow its development on the game’s site, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Players will wish to follow one of these, as a demo release is supposed to be imminent.

Alistair Wong
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