Virtua Fighter Anime SD Blu-ray Slated for 2022 Release

virtua fighter anime blu-ray

Discotek Media announced that it will release Virtua Fighter on SD Blu-ray some time in 2022. It will have all 35 episodes with English subtitles. The first 24 episodes in the English dub are available, as well. Discotek will announce special features and extras on the Blu-ray at a later date via the company Twitter account.

The Virtua Fighter anime first released in 1996, though it did not have the same story as the game. Anime Works dubbed the show’s first 24 episodes. The company didn’t finish dubbing the series due to poor sales. Discotek Media is the first licensing company since Virtua Fighter’s original dub to pick it up for an English audience. An SD Blu-ray contains the episodes in standard-definition resolution, rather than the high-definition format of a standard Blu-ray.

Virtua Fighter 2 had a fairly bare-bones story, similar to Virtua Fighter 5. Both games feature a fighting tournament and a secret organization trying to create ultimate fighting machines. However, the anime retains the setting while focusing more on the evil organization aspect. The show had Shinichiro Miki (Lockon Stratos from Mobile Suit Gundam 00) as Akira Yuki, and Naoko Matsui (Dorothy Catalonia in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing) as Pai Chan.

The Virtua Fighter SD Blu-Ray is slated for a launch later in 2022. Discotek Media will post more information through Twitter.

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