Just in time for Monster World Collection’s release, the Wii is getting Wonder Boy V: Monster Land III and since Virtua Fighter 5 just came out Sega is also releasing Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis Edition. Konami’s first and only release of the Goemon series, Legend of the Mystical Ninja is coming out and Square-Enix’s first Virtual Console game is Actraiser. Actraiser was one of the creative games on the Super NES where you would spend some of your time playing god and the other part battling Centaurs. Here is what is coming out in March:


 Famicom / NES (500 Points)

Load Runner


The Legend of Valkyrie

Donkey Kong Jr.



Super Famicom / Super Nintendo (800 Points)

Ganbare Goemon: Yukihime Kyuushutsu Emaki (Legend of the Mystical Ninja)


Hercules no Eikou III


Mega Drive / Sega Genesis (600 Points)

Sonic Spinball

Wonderboy V: Monster World III

Virtua Fighter 2 (Genesis Edition)

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

Alien Storm



PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 (600 Points)

Galaga ’88

Double Dungeon

Fire Professional Wrestling: Combination Tag

Syubibin Man


Also MSX Games are going to be released this spring. The first two games are Eggy and Aleste sold for 800 Wii points each. Neo Geo games will begin to come out on the Virtual Console in the summer.

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