Jump Tanks is a still-in-alpha PC action-RPG shooter, but claims it’ll pair the twitchy shooter styles of Virtual-On with the customization of Dark Souls. You can catch an alpha trailer above.



The 5-on-5 shooter puts players in 20 feet tall futuristic (and clearly, very nimble) tanks. Interestingly, developers Mechanical Butterfly Studiosare looking at a way to allow players to actively dodge the spam of missiles and other projectiles, rather than simply having them be instant-hit weapons.


JumpTanks_2014_03_19 JumpTanks_2014-03-18_1752

Players will be able to customize their tanks with various chassis, weapons, shields and more for their preferred playstyle. This ranges from spread-shot pellets to lasers to vulcan cannons. The parts will be available in a “collectible action game” format, which the devs liken to Magic: The Gathering and its sealed card packs.



JumpTanks_Pilot__Nona_Pose JumpTanks_Pilot_Chr_Chi_Pose

While the game has no publisher yet, the devs have said they’re considering options—including our favorite, Kickstarter—and hope to potentially release the game as early as later this year.


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