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Virtual On Series Might Have Comeback Plans For 20th Anniversary



Recently, Virtual On received a memorial talk show live on Nico Nico, bringing in Sega designer Mori Yasuhiro (right) alongside model makers Volks and Hasegawa. The talk show also featured exhibition matches from the series.


Of note, at the end of the event, Sega’s Mori made two cryptic comments sure to inflame gossip. First, Mori stated “Virtual On is still alive!” He then went on to add that “Something might wake up [on Virtual On’s 20th anniversary]”. The series celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2015.


Whether this means a new game could be in development or just a spur of the moment line remains to be seen. The talk show centered primarily around how both model makers created their line of plastic model kits. Sega’s Mori provided them with “high end CG” capable of being rendered and understood, said both makers.


The exhibition matches were for Virtual On, Virtual On Force and Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and were one-on-one battles.


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