Virtual Youtuber Yoko Taro To Retire From Idol Industry After First And Only Appearance


yoko taro 17

Previously, we reported on Yoko Taro’s appearance as a Virtual Youtuber appearing alongside Square Enix’s virtual idol group Gems Company with the appearance of Emil, but now Yoko Taro has made the shocking announcement that he’s retiring from the industry just after his debut appearance. [Thanks, DenFamiNicoGamer!]


Yoko Taro berated the fact that even in his short appearance, he had already become part of the system. Besides that, he found the whole setup with the HMD tiresome, and anyways, he didn’t have any talents other than singing… yet he hurt his vocal cords during his song session on the stream.


Yoko Taro also revealed he had a hidden mission given by producer Yosuke Saito during the stream to create a reason to get the two virtual idols Yukino and Mikoto fired, and while during the post-stream interview they didn’t reveal whether they actually were fired or not, the three of them brought up the possibility of creating a rival group called ‘Gem Company Dark’… except Gem Company Dark is a martial arts organization, not an idol group.


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At the end, Yoko Taro did say he enjoyed the experience of being on a virtual idol stream, as he got to represent the darkness in the hearts of idols that aren’t usually shown off to the world.

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