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Visual Novel Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ Gets New Trailer For Switch Version


dies irae

Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ got an official trailer today for the Nintendo Switch version, which comes out October 18 on the eShop.



The game includes a new scenario that acts as a prequel to the mobile game Dies irae PANTHON, which the trailer teases.


Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ was originally released on PSP in 2012 as a compilation port of the games up to that point. The game casts players as Ren, a young man in modern Japan, finds his life changed forever after the disappearance of his friend, Shiro Yusa. It isn’t long after this that Ren gets caught up in strange events – events that connect to those sinister men and women from WWII.

Known as Longinus Dreizehn Orden, these superpowered humans have returned after years spent in hiding. Ren has to decide how to stop the havoc they’re spreading, as well as who to grow closer to over the course of these horrible events.


Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ will release on Nintendo Switch’s eShop on October 18, 2018 for 5,800 yen.

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