This Visual Novel Horror Game Is Packed With Scary Stories For Smartphones


U-Works are known for developing games of various genres on the smartphone market in Japan. Recently, they’ve been venturing into the visual novel field with various horror-themed games. Scary Story is one of the said titles, that consists of four different stories of mystery, death, and the unknown.


The game is about a young man who lost all memories of himself, and walks into a spooky mansion in the depths of a forest. The young main character finds himself in the depths of a forest before he realized it.


“Just exactly who am I?” he questions.


Without knowing who he was, he continues walking until a strange old mansion appears out of nowhere. The main character sets foot into the building, which marks the beginning of his mysterious experience. As part of the game’s plot, the mansion tells the tale of four horrendous stories that are said to consist of the unknown “four mysterious rules”.


Thus, Scary Story will be made up of four different stories: “Woman in the Mirror,” “The Science of Suicide,” “The Vending Machine,” and “A Love Letter to the Dead”. After viewing the game’s true ending, there will also be an “Extra Corner” featuring special bonuses to those who’ve cleared the game.


“Do you want to… live? Or… die?

“Why… you… are… such… un-for… unfor… givable. Unforgivable… Unforgivable…”

Scary Story chapter 002: “The Science of Suicide”

“Why do humans commit suicide?”


Scary Story is currently available for 315 yen on smartphone devices.

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