Visual Novel Katawa Shoujo Is Getting A Physical Release In Japan



Katawa Shoujo, the indie visual novel that was four years in the making, will be getting a physical release in Japan (via: AnimeNewsNetwork).


The game will go on sale on May 5th at Tokyo Big Sight and will include bonus materials. Artwork from the game will also be on sale there.


The Japanese language version of Katawa Shoujo was released on April 1st 2015. One member of the Japanese translation team wrote the following about the game: “I myself was moved so much when I played this game, which was the reason I wanted to people in Japan to know more about KS. That was also the cause for me to translate it into Japanese.”


Katawa Shoujo was originally released in full back in 2012. It was created over a five year period by a volunteer team who met in a 4chan image board and went on to form Four Leaf Studios. In it, you play as Hisao Nakai, a high school boy with a recently discovered heart condition, as he moves to Yamaku High School for Disabled Children. While there he encounters five differently-abled girls who you can befriend and romance, arriving at either a positive, neutral, or negative ending for each.

Chris Priestman