Visual Novel Libra Of The Vampire Princess Might Get An English Version


MiKandi Japan is working with Japanese studio XERO to make an English version of bishoujo visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess (released in Japan on October 30th). However, whether it happens or not will depend on the success of its Kickstarter.


As so much is riding on the Kickstarter, MiKandi Japan has created a mock-up of how the Kickstarter page will look over on Prefundia. The page reveals that the Kickstarter funding goal will be $170,000 so that an English version can be brought to Steam – it has already been Greenlit.


“The Prefundia page for ‘Libra’ was created with the visual novel community in mind,” says MiKandi Japan’s project manager. “We want to have them involved in some final decision making. Their feedback on rewards and stretch goals will be incredibly valuable. This move also gives us more time to grow the ‘Vampire Princess Army’, so that when we do launch on Kickstarter, we have the best chance for victory!”


To join the “Vampire Princess Army” you can sign-up with your email on the game’s page on MiKandi’s website. Doing so nets you free wallpapers and a chance to win a t-shirt signed by XERO’s president  Producer MOKA. You’ll also be notified when the Kickstarter goes live.

Chris Priestman