Visual Novel Sequel Unhack 2 Will Ask You “To Break Out Of The 4th Wall”


Developer InvertMouse has announced a sequel to its first visual novel ever published on Steam, Unhack. It’s called Unhack 2 and it’s currently up on Steam Greenlight.


Unhack 2 is a kinetic novel that runs at 45,000 worlds in length (the same as InvertMouse’s Cursed Sight) and focuses heavily on telling a specific narrative rather than catering to player choice as much.


That said, throughout Unhack 2, you’ll be challenged to find passcodes to proceed. Hints for these passcodes may be found outside of the game itself – requiring you “to break out of the 4th wall” according to InvertMouse – such as on the game’s website, for example. However, these challenges can be skipped if you prefer to concentrate on the story.


Speaking of which, here is the story summary for Unhack 2:


“Four years after the Motherworm’s death, a masked AI known as Program X is threatening to throw cyberspace back into chaos.


With virus numbers back on the rise, the unhacker decides to open Smash Security once more. This time, a new AI named Neonya is there to battle by his side. Victory should be guaranteed with a superior AI like Neonya, but with signs of malfunction showing, the risk of her going rogue is ever present. She merely wishes to be accepted as her company’s official AI, yet the unhacker finds himself unable to crown her. After all, doing so will mean dethroning his former companions, the ones he still thinks about to this day. 


But there is one thing that terrifies the unhacker above all else—why do Program X and her minions look so much like friends from a distant past?”


Keep up with Unhack 2 on its website. You can also download a demo there.




Chris Priestman