Visual Novel Sickness Follows The Life Of An Orphaned Killer-For-Hire


Unwonted Studios is bringing its visual novel Sickness to Steam soon. It’s about a boy who loses his parents and then becomes a killer for hire.


Sickness follows the life of high school student Koro as he looks after himself and his twin sister in a big city after their parents died. While in this city, Koro takes on a physically demanding job that only earns enough for him and his sister to survive off instant food.


Things change after Koro blacks out and murders his boss. From there, he is approached by one of his co-workers, who has criminal connections and is able to offer Koro a secure if illegal stream of revenue.


Koro takes to life as a killer but it’s stressful: he has to avoid police detection, eye witnesses, and even the malice of his fellow professional killers.


“Will Koro manage to survive long enough to keep his promise to his sister?” reads the description. “Will he turn tail and escape from this life of crime, finding solace in the company of someone or something else? Or will he be hunted down and killed before he ever gets the chance?”

Chris Priestman